At times, we all need to step back and ask honest questions about where we are as a church and what is the real or perceived situations we are facing.


Health assessments will help you measure your church’s perceived health and better know the community you are serving. A healthy church will grow.

We can help you assess:

– Congregational Health
– Determine how new guests see you
– Look at your facilities to determine if they are holding you back.
– Determine who your “one” is and how to reach them.

Congregation input is more likely to get congregational buy-in. Assessing some or all these key areas will help revitalize your church and determine what it will take to grow as you move into the future.


“Because of Greg’s elite gifts and temperament in Management, he would be a trusted partner in Ministry, if a Church needed ongoing Coaching for a year of implementation. I highly recommend you contact Greg immediately … You and your Congregation will be glad you did!“

Steve Reeves

Recently retired (from Connection Pointe Christian Church, Brownsburg, IN. Steve has forty years of leading two Churches in significant growth and health. He continues serving Churches as an Interim Pastor, Church Leadership Coach, and Strategic planner.

95 Network Churches

Vision Day follow-up process helping churches create next steps to achieve your Vision Day plans.

Strategic Planning

Helping leaders become unstuck and make the changes necessary to grow.


Management Systems

Helping leaders identify problems their organization is facing.

Lead Pastor and Executive Transitions

Helping churches of all sizes make difficult changes in leadership.

Health Assessments

Helping leaders see the gaps between what is perception and reality with regards to what your congregation and outsiders say.


Executive Leadership

Interim and outsourced executive functions for those in need of help but dealing with budget constraints.